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SI: Visions

Presented by Swiss Institute in collaboration with UBS, SI: Visions is a video series that provides engaging insight into the work of some of today’s most forward-looking artists from a first-person perspective.

For each film, SandenWolff directors Rachel and Jonathan worked directly with the artists to create an aesthetic and a voice for communicating some of their most challenging concepts and strove to visualize ways of art-making that extend way beyond traditional studio-based practices.

Each video focuses on key individual topics that inform and inspire the artists’ work. SI: VISIONS depicts the texture and energy of creative processes and ideas, offering new perspectives on the ways artists see the world.  We've embedded with artist Simon Denny as he explored the tech markets of Shenzhen, China and with Amy Yao as she ventured into the industrial ports of Los Angeles. We've been immersed in the digital creations of Ian Cheng, Tabor Robak, and Jordan Wolfson and explored the scientific inspirations of artist Julia Tcharfas at Biosphere 2 in Tucson, Arizona.

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Featured Video: SI: Visions Trailer - Series Directed by Jonathan Sanden and Rachel Wolff